How fast an internet site will open would depend not just on the Internet connection of the website visitor, but also on the online connectivity of the hosting server where the website is hosted and on the network infrastructure - routers, server network card, and so on. Slow connection or hardware which can't cope with a high volume of inbound and outbound traffic can have direct impact on the user experience of your visitors and the overall performance of your internet site since people shall probably see error messages that the website isn't available or it shall take some time for your content material to load. If this sort of a thing happens, it is unlikely that the visitors shall return to the internet site. For this reason you ought to always check the connectivity of any server that you purchase and not just the main hardware components which include hard disk drive, cpu and physical memory.
Server Network Hardware in Dedicated Servers
If you get a dedicated server via our company, you and your website guests will enjoy fantastic loading speeds irrespective of the script applications that you use. The state-of-the-art data center in downtown Chicago, where our servers are located, employs multi-gigabit routes from redundant providers as a failsafe against infrastructure issues. Our grid in the facility is constructed with the latest generation of network hardware for optimum speed and durability - switches, routers and firewalls. All dedicated servers that we offer to our customers feature a gigabit network card, which is capable of handling substantial inbound and outbound traffic. Similar to all other hardware elements we work with to assemble each new hosting server, the card is also carefully tested as a way to make sure that we will never use a faulty part which could cause complications in the future. Our servers will supply the computing power and the network speed for the best possible overall performance of your internet site.