The larger your site gets, the more complex e–mail administration will become. And this is when you are able take advantage of the all–encompassing E Mail Accounts Manager. It comes with all of the features you may need in order to be in command of your mail accounts, furthermore it is equipped with a straightforward user interface. With simply a few clicks you can configure e–mail forwarding, set up an email autoresponder, set up anti–spam protection, and much more. Just scroll down to observe exactly what our E Mail Accounts Manager will offer you!

Anti–Spam Protection

Fight spam with a click

In the E Mail Accounts Manager of your Web Hosting Control Panel, it is simple to manage trash messages. The bundled anti–spam tool filters arriving emails and you can customize its volume of command with only a mouse–click. It’s also possible to state a distinct degree of spam security for every single e–mail account.

There are two simple ways in which our system manages messages referred as spam. You can choose if a spam email has to be erased, or sent to a given mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

Route messages from one e–mail account to a different one

We’ve made it quite simple for you to forward emails from one mailbox to an alternative one in your website hosting plans account. Everything you should do is choose the email account that you want to forward and after that fill in the destination mailbox in which you want all of the messages to get delivered to.

You can also trigger a copy of every forwarded message to be kept inside the mailbox that you have got forwarded.

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Email Filters

Organize your mailboxes effortlessly

If you get lots of emails on a daily basis, it is important to have them sorted. For this reason we offer server–side e–mail filters which come into action well before you look at your mailbox for newly–arrived emails. Therefore, if you configure your unique spam filters, you will not ever find spam inside your mailbox!

Creating up–to–date email filters is really trouble–free. You’ll need to define precisely what the filter has to seek out, where the filter actively seeks it (subject, body, etc.) and what transpires with the filtered e–mail messages.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys together with SPF protection for your mailbox

We’ve applied measures to help protect all your email accounts from trash activities. Using the SPF protection service you’ll be able to state the servers that are authorized to transmit mail on behalf of your domain. This way, email messages appearing like they are out of your web address that did not originate from your allowed listing of web servers will be immediately tossed to the spam folder.

We have at the same time enabled DomainKeys for the mail accounts within your account. DomainKeys is an e–mail validation system that establishes the credibility of an email message by confirming the mail server of the email sender and then the message integrity.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

1–click set up of email accounts on your PC

We have integrated an auto–configure approach to the E Mail Accounts Manager so you can set up mailboxes within your desktop client with simply a mouse–click. To download the auto–configuration file for a selected email address, just click on the image belonging to the mail client that you would like to employ. The email address will be built automatically on your chosen desktop client, available to work with!

You can discover settings files for Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and also Mac Mail, situated in the primary part of the E Mail Accounts Manager.

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Enter your e–mail address through a web browser

Using the webmail tool included in the Web Hosting Control Panel, you can access your email accounts through any web–connected system around the world! With the webmail address that we give you, it is easy to sign in to all of your mail accounts created with Maxelerator Ltd’s servers by making use of any web browser you have available.

There is also another way to access your mailboxes online. Simply log into the Web Hosting Control Panel and in the webmail section, pick out the mailbox you want to access and then click the RoundCube icon. This can right away log you to your email address without having to submit any sort of sign in info.

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